Your Highlands Area Fitness & Workout Center

Why Highland Fitness?

Convenient: We’re right in your neighborhood! For many Highland’s residents, we’re even within walking distance.

Clean: Cleanliness is an absolute top priority for us. HF is thoroughly cleaned daily. But we promise there will be no vacuuming around your feet while you work out!

Serious: At HF we are serious about helping you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. We have experienced trainers that can help those clients who just want to look and feel better. We can also accommodate the highly conditioned athlete.

Friendly: No superior attitudes here. At HF we welcome everyone at all fitness levels. We will greet you warmly and be as helpful as we can to you. Throughout the year members are encouraged to join us in group trainings, organized runs and other member-inspired ideas. Many of our members call HF their “second home” and refer to HF staff and members as “family.”

It's a well-known fact that if your gym isn't convenient for you to get to, you're less likely to stick to your workout plan. It's hard enough to commit to and stay on track with your fitness and health, why make it harder by traveling across town?

Here’s a mileage chart from Highland Fitness (1753 Bardstown Rd)

To: Miles: Roundtrip
Milestone Fitness 6.5mi 13 mi
LAC Westport Rd 12mi 24 mi
LAC Taylorsville Rd 7.2mi 14.4mi
YMCA East 9mi 18 mi
YMCA Downtown 4mi 8mi
Urban Active Shelbyville Rd 7mi 14 mi
Urban Active Taylorsville Rd 6mi 12mi

It's easy to see why you should stay in the Highlands for your fitness center!

To join us, just stop by and see us or call us at (502) 365-3101 and we'll take care of you over the phone. We look forward to serving you and your fitness needs!